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Presentation of the all-European initiative “Disclosure”

Cooperation between the best healthcare professionals/organizations and pharmaceutical companies is an essential part of the healthcare system. As such, it has a positive impact on the quality of provided healthcare as well as on the value of future medicinal research.

Healthcare professionals have valuable knowledge of treatments and illnesses, which then helps pharmaceutical companies to push the boundaries of modern medicine. Both parties regularly meet during scientific research, clinical assessment, educational activities, etc.

However, it is the cooperation between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry that can create a potential conflict of interest. Every day now we can see the increasing pressure of the public, media and politicians on the transparency and clarification of these relationships. The integrity of healthcare professionals and the professional cooperation are attacked when healthcare professionals prescribe medicinal products.

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) is very well aware of this pressure. Therefore, after a discussion with healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical industry representatives, the EFPIA adopted the Disclosure Code.


What is the goal of the “Disclosure?”

The primary goal of this all-European initiative, modeled after the American Sunshine Act, is to explain the scope and essence of cooperation between healthcare professionals/organizations and pharmaceutical companies and to disclose related payments (similarly to how it is already done in France or in the Netherlands).

Should you have any questions regarding the Disclosure, please go to our online help on our website.


To whom will the disclosure apply?

Information disclosure will apply to all healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations that will cooperate during a given time period with pharmaceutical companies that are the members of the EFPIA. In the Czech Republic, it includes, but is not limited to, the members of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry. A complete list of the member companies of the EFPIA is available at the website of the federation: www.efpia.eu.

AIFP member companies

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AIFP non-member companies


Where and when will the information be disclosed?

The information about realized cooperation will be posted in the database of healthcare professionals and organizations, to which you can get by opening the Disclosure Glossary (see below). The data will first be disclosed no later than on 30th June 2016, one year retroactively (i.e. first for the year 2015).