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Patient Code

Relationships between the pharmace utical industry and patient organisation‘s

The pharmaceutical industry recognises that it has many common interests with patient organisations, which represent and/or support the needs of patients and/or caregivers. In order to ensure that relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations take place in an ethical and transparent manner, AIFP has adopted the AIFP Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organisations.

This Code builds upon the following principles: 

  • The independence of patient organisations, in terms of their political judgement, policies and activities, shall be assured.
  • All partnerships between patient organisations and the pharmaceutical industry shall be based on mutual respect, with the views and decisions of each partner having equal value.
  • The pharmaceutical industry shall not request, nor shall patient organisations undertake, the promotion of a particular prescription-only medicine.
  • The objectives and scope of any partnership shall be transparent. Financial and non-financial support provided by the pharmaceutical industry shall always be clearly acknowledged.
  • The pharmaceutical industry welcomes broad funding of patient organisations from multiple sources. 

Full text of the Patient Code