AIFP membership

Any pharmaceutical company that has its own research and development, markets new innovative medicinal products and is willing to comply with the strict ethical rules stipulated in the AIFP’s Code of Conduct can become a member of the AIFP.  
The AIFP’s key task is to represent the innovative pharmaceutical industry externally. The AIFP also serves as a neutral platform for expert groups comprising of the representatives of member companies. The AIFP is also a partner of professionals, public administration, the representatives of patient organizations and patients.   
The AIFP reinforces the principles of ethics and transparency in Czech healthcare, in particular in the pharmaceutical industry. It strives to make treatment available to as many patients as possible and thus to improve the quality of their life. The AIFP is behind many useful projects, of which the most famous are the Academy of Patient Organizations (APO) and free online consultations about drug interactions (I know my medicines). The AIFP also provides other educational projects and programs and regularly informs the media about progress in the development of new medicinal products and their benefits.   
Please contact us, if you find our objectives and activities useful. We are open to new ideas.    
The majority of innovative pharmaceutical companies associated in the AIFP are regular members. Any legal entity – pharmaceutical or biotechnological company that has its registered office and place of business in the Czech Republic and independently or as part of a group of companies researches, develops, manufactures or distributes original medicinal products – can become a member of the AIFP.     
So-called affiliated membership is less frequent. Affiliated member companies can also participate in the AIFP’s events and activities through workgroups and platforms and attend general meetings but cannot vote, elect or be elected into the AIFP’s bodies. Affiliated member companies comply with the ethical principles stipulated by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). Affiliated membership lasts up to one year. After one year the company must decide whether to become a full member or to leave the AIFP. All affiliated members have so far chosen the first option.