Database of congresses

The attendance of Czech physicians at international congresses has been the topic of public discussions for a long time and often has a negative impact on society’s opinion. The AIFP has supported for a long time the transparency of relationships between pharmaceutical companies and physicians in the Czech Republic. This is why, it came up with the project “World Medical Congress Database.”

The attendance of Czech physicians at international congresses is often the topic of public discussions. The value of this important form of education and the professional level of presented information are often called into question. It is necessary to point out that the attendance of physicians at medical congresses is absolutely legitimate and its benefits for both professionals and their patients are indisputable since these congresses are organized by renowned medical organizations, medical companies or specialized agencies (so-called Professional Congress Organizers). This is where physicians obtain valuable information and experience that they cannot find in professional publications or public sources, such as on the Internet, and that they can then apply in Czech medicine. This is also where physicians come into contact with the top professionals of different specializations with whom they can discuss different medical matters. 
Attendance at these international congresses should be a natural part of education of young physicians and their more experienced colleagues.     
The World Medical Congress Database contains information about all congresses attended by physicians sponsored by the AIFP’s member companies since 2011. The website provides basic information about these congresses, including their place, content and organizing company.